FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is or does Klap mean? 

      Klap itself is a website made for users to show off there best photos and vote for others. The meaning of "Klap" is to congratulate someone with an action. This action is voting.  Basically, you can Klap (Vote) for a photo if you think it is truly amazing. By voting for a users picture, you congratulate them. 

    If you hear the phrase,"Please Klap for my photo!" , then you know that what that user is really saying is,"Please Vote for my photo!".

How do I Submit my own Photo to Klap

How do I Submit a Question? 

How do I Vote for Pictures? 

      First of all, you go to our 'Polling' page here. We have a small gallery of photos on that page, and those are the pictures that a user, you, would vote for. If a user moves their mouse over a photo within the gallery, or clicks on that photo, the name of that photo will be shown. The names of the photos are listed on the polling ballet. The name of the photos on the ballet are in the same order in which they are listed in the gallery. To see a larger version of a photo, click on the photo of interest in the gallery. Users may only vote once per day on a device. The final results at the end of that week will show which users' picture got the most Klaps, and that users photo will be put on our 'Home' page slider.  

Why can't I Vote? 

     A user may not be able to vote for a few reasons. First reason: Our polling ballet has been shut down for final results or has needed improvements. Another reason, the most common reason, is that when a user votes, for the first time of that week, Klap gives that user's computer a cookie. Not the yummy ones either. A cookie is a type of short Internet tracking device. For more information on tracking cookies, click here. This cookie will not allow users to vote twice within a 24 hour period from their previous vote. If it still doesn't make sense, here's an example.

      Lets say a user votes at 3:00 on Monday afternoon. This user will not be able to vote again until 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon. The cookie becomes terminated within 24 hours, thus, the polling ballet recognizes that a user doesn't have a cookie already for that day, thus, it allows a user to vote. We are still trying to fix this problem, and Klap will work to have one vote per day, and the cookie expires at 12:00 in the morning everyday (Eastern Standard Time). 

       If a user is still not able to vote at this point, please contact us.  

Why does Klap want my E-mail? 

       We would like to have a users E-mail address simply because we would like to keep you updated. Not by newsletters or spam. We would like to have a users E-mail to let you know if where a users photo is within the site. We'll let a user know if their picture was submitted to the 'Polling' page to be voted on, and if a user is lucky enough, we'll let them know that their picture was Klaped by the most people for that week, and that their picture made it to our 'Home' page slider. That's why.

Can I Submit More Than One Picture? 

       Yes and no. Users can defiantly upload more than one photo. What most people want to know is if they can upload more than one photo per week. The Klap Team is asking for users not to upload more than one photo per week, so everyone has a chance to upload a photo. If a user does, we will send the user an E-mail, if given, about their photos, and ask which one would they like to select for that week, and ask them not to upload more than one photo per week. If a user's E-mail is not given, then Klap will select the first picture submitted to them by that user.

Why can't I find Klap on Google on any other search engine? 

      A user will not be able to search Klap in any search engine because Klap is hosted by another website called Yola. Yola is a free website builder which helped design Klap into what it is today. Yola technically owns part of the Klap website, hence, the URL to Klap: http://klap.yolasite.com/. Anyone can search a website on an engine that is privately, or individually owned. Most sites that are searchable look like this: www.(name of website).com. Since Klap is partly owned by Yola, Klap must have a sub-domain added to it's title (www.(name of wesite).yolasite.com). Therefore, it is not searchable because it is not like most websites. We actually don't mind being different though. Not at all. It makes us special. Although we don't mind, it does make it harder on the user to find the site. It must be found only by users spreading the URL of Klap or by typing 'Klap Yola' on Google. We are sorry, and we really will try to make it easier on ya'll. But for now, please share this here URL:  http://klap.yolasite.com/    

Can I upload Pictures through a mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.? 

       Yes and no. Certain smartphones can, others cannot. There are some loopholes for users that cannot. Klap hopes to improve this bug and help all users upload with ease.

                                    For iOS users (iPod, iPad, iPhone): Photos are uploadable through iOS 6 Mobile Safari


        For Android users: Photos are uploadable through the standard Android                                                                         Browser  but only uploadable from photos in the internal storage, not SD card.


               For Windows Tablets: Photos are uploadable, but upload speed is extremely slow.





        Please tell us about new problems, information, and more loopholes so we can help other users with their Mobile Device.

Can I upload a Panorama? 

     The answer is yes, but there is some minor details. You can upload them if they have a interactive program that the panorama can run on. We require a program to run on because a standard panorama jpg picture is very long and small. This makes it hard to see all the details in the picture. With a program for it to run on, the details are big and clear. If you do send Klap a panorama, please know what will happen with your photo, and follow these instructions:

  1. Make a panorama
  2. Upload it to a secure site. (Bing, Pano Viewer, etc.)
  3. Send us a link to the secure site that allows you to move in a 360° view of your photo. You will have to fill in the the,"Upload a Photo" form in a specific way.   
    •  "Description of Photo": Panorama. Taken at (Location Taken) on (date). Secure Viewing Website URL: (URL)
    • "Choose Photo": (Choose a standard, long jpg photo of the panorama to send)
      We will crop the long photo the user sent us as a preview for users to look at, and we will link the photo to the photo viewing website URL that was also sent to us. Once the user clicks on the Preview image, they will be taken to the viewing site. Please send us any questions you may have, and we will walk you through it.

Why Isn't my Picture on the 'Submitted Pictures' page?

      Images uploaded by users are not immediately put on the 'Submitted Pictures' page for one of two possibilities. The first reason an image is not on the 'Submitted Pictures' page is because when you upload an image, it is not saved to a server like on most websites. We know that is weird, but Klap doesn't mind being different. Anyway, the picture or image that a user uploaded is actually sent to a private Klap E-mailing account. There it is reviewed, and eventually submitted. It is a little longer of a process, but it does work. So it may be a day or two before a users image may be on the 'Submitted Pictures" page.

     Another reason a users image may not be on the 'Submitted Pictures' page is because it was not submitted within the 30 picture limit for that week. The first 30 user submitted pictures will be the pictures that will be put on the 'Submitted Pictures' page, and will move to the 'Polling' page at the end of the previous weeks polling. We recommend to submit your pictures early in the week, because our slots fill up fast. So basically, your picture was not one of the first 30 pictures submitted.  If a user has given there E-mail along with a picture, Klap will keep them updated on the whereabouts of their picture around the site. Klap will let any user know if their picture was in the first 30 or not, how many times it was Klaped, and if a user is lucky enough, Klap will let them know that their picture will be on our 'Home' page.

     Problems do occur, and a users photo may not be submitted correctly, or remained unopened in our E-mail system by mistake. Our apologies. Other reasons of why photo is not on our 'Submitted Photos' page is because it contained content that Klap did not appreciate, and will not revel on our site.  

Why can't I access a page when it says,"This is a password protected page"? 

         This is nothing to worry about. It does not involve the users in any way, and actually involves the Klap Team. The reason a user may not be able to access a page that is password protected is because the Klap Team has decided to do a large amount of work that it not ready for the public, and is still in testing. We always work on the site and just publish new updates, but when a page is password protected, the Klap Team is making significant improvements or fixing bugs that users have reported, so we close the page. If/when this does happen, we are sorry. We will try to get this page back up as soon as possible.

    Do I have/need a Password and Username?

       No. Again, it does not involve the user in any way. This is for the Klap Team to operate and test in complete security & privacy. Only they have the passwords and usernames.

What if I have a New or Different Question?

       Please write your question or contact us for more information. 

 Submit a Question Here.

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