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Recent News 


           We are proud to announce our official Grand Opening. All features on Klap will be fully available to all users that have a computer. We are excited to finally get started, and we hope to improve our site immensely. We are in the making of a test app for Klap, and we are improving our systems for mobile devices. Our next goal is for users to upload pictures through a mobile device. Thank you all, and please enjoy Klap!


         Thank you for visiting Klap. We love new users and invite them to participate in anything and everything. Since Klap has opened, we have made major improvements to the user friendly environment, unique features, and the overall setup of the site. Unfortunately though, Klap has decided to close it's ability for it's users to upload pictures from their home computer or mobile device for a brief time. This is due to technical difficulties with our mailing system. We hope to re-release this feature soon. In the mean time, please feel free vote for our default pictures and explore Klap.

About Us

Klap is a site that allows users to upload pictures, vote on pictures, and compete to see whose picture will end up on the home page.  When you vote, you Klap to show that you are clapping for that picture, or in other words, you like the picture. Please send us pictures and vote!

*Warning: Not all features on Klap are accessible from mobile devices. Klap does not own any of the images posted, as they all belong to their respective owners.


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